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A History of Loneliness - John Boyne

I admit I never quite got the appeal of John Boyne. Everything I've heard about The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas tells me that I definitely do not want to read it. I've read The White Feather which was...not bad but not great either and This House is Haunted which was...meh. I really should have learned my lesson but his books always sound so interesting.

I'm only 3% in which means a lot of things can still happen but this book and I are definitely not off to a good start. It's like the book is shouting at me "Our main character has a really Dark And Tragic Secret (TM) in his past. And it is really dark. And tragic. And did I mention dark? I'm not going to tell you what it is because this whole book will be about him carrying around this Dark And Tragic Secret (TM). There will be allusions to it but it won't be revealed until the last chapter where it is supposed to be a big shock but in fact the readers have brains and will have guessed it a lot earlier.

OK, I might be extrapolating from my experience with The White Feather but after that book Boyne + Dark and Tragic Secret(TM) make my alarm-bells ring.



My current predictions for Dark and Tragic Secret(TM): 

He got a girl pregnant while being a catholic priest. He also might actually be the father of his nephew (not in a Game of Thrones-way but in a 'here sister, I have this child, please take it'-way)

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