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Review: 1,411 QI Facts To Knock You Sideways

1,411 QI Facts to Knock You Sideways - John Lloyd, John Mitchinson

I promise I will pay more attention to the blurb of books next time. If I had I wouldn't have picked up the book in the first place and spared myself some disappointment. 

Previously I'd read The Book of General Ignorance and really enjoyed it. I had expected 1,411 QI Facts to be similar: an amusing fact and a few paragraphs (or more) that goes into more details on the why and how. 

Somehow the title should have already given a clue because 1411 times a few paragraphs would have made a very long book, so this book doesn't give any explanation or details, just pure hard facts, 2-3 sentences each. I don't really care about that and frankly find it a bit lazy, especially as they aren't really sorted properly. (There is a vague order in the sense that e.g. one fact about Bulgaria is followed by another, but then the second is about mandolin-players in Bulgaria and that's followed by one about superstitions about Mandolin-players in general and then one about superstitions and so on. I get the why but I think sorting them in facts on plants/animals/history etc. might have made more sense).

On a side-note: some facts are really amusing and surprising but the average sleeping-time in Coventry is not going to knock my sideways. Some of the facts are pretty dull.


Disclaimer: I don't think the book actually contained anything about Bulgarian mandolin-players but another draw-back of that kind of format is that it's impossible to remember much.


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