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Review: Will it Waffle

Will It Waffle?: 53 Irresistible and Unexpected Recipes to Make in a Waffle Iron - Daniel Shumski

This book raises several questions:
1) If you put blueberry muffin dough in a waffle-iron will you get blueberry-muffin-waffles or blueberry-waffles? (That's almost philosophical). Sure the consistency will be different but show me one person who won't go "Oh great blueberry waffles" when they see the result. (Or perhaps "Iekh! I hate blueberries!" But you get my point). Still apart from those and some chocolate-chip-cookie-waffles nothing in this book could be mistaken for waffles. Though in a couple the waffling-iron is used as sandwich-toaster or table-grill. If you already own one (or both) those won't be new for you
2) Is there anything to gain from making stuff in the waffle-iron instead of the oven or a pan? Less dirty dishes. At least in some recipes.
3) Is it really necessary? No. But it's fun (and the author is aware of both of these things).


The recipes are almost all pretty easy to make but I wouldn't recommend it to absolute beginners. Depending on what iron you have cooking-times can vary and you will need some experience to make up for that. (But then I don't think absolute beginners will start with a 'cooking in a waffle-iron' book anyway). Most of the ingredients will be things that are easy to get or you even already have in the kitchen. Only a handful feature international cuisine and might require extra shopping trips but those are rare. (And unless your local supermarket is very small they also will have a corner with Chinese spices, chickpeas etc.)


With a few recipes I felt he was trying a bit to hard (re-heated macaroni and cheese on the iron? Fries from mashed potato convenience-powder?) but most sound great and I can't want to try out more.


ARC provided by NetGalley.