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Review: Dark Lord of Derkholm

Dark Lord of Derkholm - Diana Wynne Jones

I loved the characters in this book. They were adorable and refreshingly un-stereotypical fantasy protagonists. (I admit I did have some trouble at the beginning to remember which of Derk's children was human and which was a griffin but eventually I managed).

But...the plot was...odd. I can relate to those people who expected something funnier because with the basic premise "People from our world (or something very similar to it) go on adventure-tours in a fantasy world were they can pretend to fight evil and triumph over a dark lord" I also expected something funny. What I got instead was something that felt like a deconstruction of a non-existent trope.

It just felt like the book kept telling me "Look! The people in this fantasy world are suffering because of the tours! And That Is Horrible!"

...thank you so much for telling me but apparently missed hundreds of fantasy-books in which such tours were treated like something fun and unobtrusive because I never really considered them fun. (It also becomes clear pretty quickly that the tours are horrible so it's also not one of those books that start off light-hearted and only slowly you realize that it's actually quite dark).

If it had taken an actual widespread fantasy-plot (like the band of heroes consisting of warrior, wizard, bard and healer off to destroy the Necklace of Doom/find the Bucket of Eternal Sunshine/whatever) and taken a look 'behind the scenes' at the people who aren't the heroes of the story and what such a quest means for them I could have understood it. But as it is it wasn't funny enough for a parody and didn't really subvert anything (except possibly the expectations you had after reading the blurb and the first chapter).

Once I had simply accepted that rather odd basic plot I did enjoy the story (though towards the end rather much plot-induced stupidity was required on Blade's part) and I definitely want to check out more by the author as I very much like her writing style and especially her characters.