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I read fantasy, crime, true crime, lgbt-romance and books written by my favourite comedians. List not necessarily complete.
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Reading Goals in 2015

As always I signed up for the reading-challenge: 55 books. Admittedly not much a challenge because I usually end up with about 50-60 read books per year but if I put a higher goal and see that I won't make it I just get so demotivated that I stop reading completely. And anyway there's two more things I'm planning this year:




It has 50 entries and I plan to do at least 25, preferably 30. (Some won't be really possible anyway. There are no books set in the 1100-people village I live, I actually read every book we were supposed to read at school (though I could re-interpret it as 'supposed to read at uni'...) and I don't want to buy books just for the challenge but only use book from my tbr-pile/new releases I intended to buy anyway and so the graphic-novel will be out as well).




Yes, I know this is madness but I really intend to read as much set on Middle Earth as possible. Spoiler: there's A LOT. At first I'll pass the whole History of Middle Earth books but that still leaves me with Silmarillion/Children of Hurin/Unfinished Tales/Hobbit/LotR which is...still a lot of pages. (And of course I have started The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun now which is Tolkien's translation of an epic Norse poem and not actually Middle Earth but supposedly he took lots of inspiration from it).