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Review: A Vintage Affair

A Vintage Affair - Josh Lanyon

That was not my cup of tea. (I was tempted to say 'not my glass of wine' but I am a poor student so I will basically drink everything that isn't vinegar or sugar-water and that's a comparison the book doesn't deserve even though I did not enjoy it).


First of all: it's definitely more a romance which just happens to involve a dead boy (not as love interest obviously. That would be weird and creepy) than a mystery novel with strong romance. The investigation (including the solution) happened pretty much only off-screen and that simply isn't what I was here for.

And, well, the plot in general...apparently it's hilarious how everybody kept invading Austin's privacy and personal space but I really didn't see it like this. Yes it was never evil intend behind it (more confusion and awkwardness) but how it was always played for laughs still made me uncomfortable. And yes that includes the m/f/m threesome. I don't mind that in general but I really disliked the way it was handled here (Austin was clearly pressured into joining in and didn't enjoy it much. In fairness: Jeff recognizes that he made a mistake and apologizes but I felt it was all glossed over rather quickly).