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Review: Taste of Beirut

Taste of Beirut: 150+ Delicious Lebanese Recipes from Classics to Contemporary to Mezzes and More - Jourmana Accad

I fear it'll sound like a terrible worn-out cliché when I say that this isn't just a cookbook but a love-letter to Lebanese food but it really is. Many of the recipes are introduced by a short text that talks about the author's memories connected to that food or explain more generally on which occasions it is eaten.

The recipes in general are very great and diverse: you will find things that are quick to make and stuff that needs to be prepared a day beforehand, recipes with meat/fish and (quite a lot) of vegetarian ones and even though it is of course a book that deals with exotic cuisine many recipes have ingredients that are relatively easy to get. Those that need more exotic ingredients come with suggestions from the author where to get them (though that might only help you if you're in the US) and occasionally with what it could be replaced.

One small drawback is that you need quite a well equipped kitchen. Several recipes require meat-grinders, food-processors etc. which not everybody might have at hand.

Still: if you can read this book without getting incredibly hungry you must have lost all your taste-buds.


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