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DNF: Naming Jack the Ripper

Naming Jack the Ripper - Russell Edwards

Fuck it. I tried but I am not going to fight my way through a book in which the author first spent two chapters in himself before coming to Jack the Ripper. In these chapters we are entertained with such tragic stories like that time he was on holidays and ran out oft money so he had to work for a while before he could go back. He explains US that this means he can understand the Ripper victims better because they also had no I am not kidding. I mean he also says that he cares a lot more about Jack than the victims so I have no clue why he told that story in the first place...
Anyway I have never read such a self-absorbed piece oft Ripper non fiction and I have read Cornwell's take in the subject (well tried to but compared to Edwards she's basically Fluttershy) and I just can't anymore...