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Ross Poldark - Winston Graham

This reminds me a bit of Patrick O'Brian. I read his first Jack Aubrey book and very quickly fell in love with his prose which was really beautiful. However at the same time the book suffered perhaps from too much realism, if you can call it like that. The book didn't really have a coherent plot that started on the first page and ended on the last, it rather described normal life at sea which had very boring periods, very exiting periods and then perhaps another very exiting thing happened that wasn't really connected to the exiting thing before and then life got boring again. I still enjoyed the book but I struggled during some passages.


Poldark isn't exactly the same but there are some similarities. I also find the prose really gorgeous and the plot also isn't what you might expect from a conventional novel. Man comes home, wants to rebuild his father's estate, things happen. I won't call it boring but I sometimes struggle to see the plot-thread that keeps everything together. There is the 'rebuilding the estate/mine' but that's just a very loose thread (and to be honest I'm not sure if Ross has any concrete plans about what exactly he wants to do).

It isn't bad storytelling, just one I have to get used to first.


(Also a couple of times people were in conversation and then suddenly there was another conversation of different people standing not far away and then we got back to the first conversation without even a paragraph-break...or is my e-book copy sloppily edited?)