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Cheap Books!

Blood Sisters - Melanie Clegg Minette - Melanie Clegg The Secret Diary of a Princess: a novel of Marie Antoinette - Melanie Clegg Before the Storm - Melanie Clegg From Whitechapel - Melanie Clegg

Melanie Clegg is offering all her books for 99 cent/99 p for all of April! I only read From Whitechapel so far (because I have an unhealthy obsession with Victorian serial killers) and enjoyed it so much that I decided to grab all the others (minus Minette which I already own but haven't read yet because my tbr-pile is out of control), so if you like historical novels and Jack the Ripper: grab it. Or The Secret Diary of a Princess if you want to read about Marie Antoinette. Or Blood Sisters/Before The Storm for the French revolution in general. Or Minette if for the English Civil War. 

Or get more than one. Or all of them.


Cheap Books!