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Eastern Europe!: Everything You Need to Know About the History (and More) of a Region that Shaped Our World and Still Does - Tomek E. Jankowski

(Hello everybody. I am not dead yet. There was just an unfortunate combination of me being busy with university, me getting a cold and me getting into the Daredevil TV-show and getting so obsessed with it that I binge-read ALL THE Daredevil fanfiction).


This book is really fascinating and brings up so much things I never even thought about. For example that the choice between writing Slavic X language with Cyrillic letters and language Y with Latin ones wasn't necessary a logical-phonetical choice but a political one and that some countries switched alphabets at one point or another (or tried to).

It should have been sort of obvious because I know that e.g. Serbian and Croatian are so closely related that they're mostly mutually intelligible (and we still have a 'Teach yourself Serbo-Croatian' course lying around somewhere) but Croatian uses Latin and Serbian Cyrillic (and so many added extra letters/accents. Both of them).

Yes. That's the kind of stuff Slavic Studies students find fascinating.