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Review: Eagle's Honor: Banished

Eagle's Honor: Banished - Sandra Schwab

First: this is a romance between a Roman nobleman and a slave. I did think the topic was handled careful enough but YMMV on that point.

The book itself was...OK but not more. The main couple was cute but none of the other characters had any depth. I mean the vilain's motivations were 'I hate Marcus because he always was a bit condescending and had a holier-than-thou attitude when we were kids'. That's it. Marcus did not kill his favourite goldfish or anything like that. He just didn't like his attitude and so he planned a rather elaborate revenge that would only work under very specific circumstances. Considering that's what gets the whole plot going that's just rather weak.

Also there's the problem of me as reader knowing something the characters didn't. In this case I knew there would be a happy end for Marcus and Lia because the book is a romance and they always have one. The characters don't know this but it was hard for me to believe that because at least Marcus' desperation about that wasn't convincing. He was up there in Britannia, busy with a (weak and predictable) side-plot and did some moping but I never really felt it. I could believe Lia's desperation more easily. I admit that at first I was a bit annoyed how much the separation from Marcus affected her but after all she didn't only loose him but also her only chance of freedom so her reaction was justified. But we only got two scenes with her after the separation the main focus is on Marcus.

The sex-scenes were...nice. Yes the phrase 'shaft of pleasure' is used but it does not mean what you think it means. Basically Marcus has such magical orgasmic fingers that just touching her makes Lia feel a shaft of pleasure ripping through her. Or something. Look Marcus is just really good at this kind of thing and all joking aside: he (and the descriptions of the sex-scenes) are very much focussed on her pleasure which is a great thing.


Review copy received from the author in exchange for an honest review.