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Winter Siege - Samantha Norman, Ariana Franklin

Let us start of with two rapes (off-page thankfully) because why not?


Also a noblewoman was introduced. I am not sure if she is based on a real person but I really hope she is. Because if she isn't the author would have made up a character and called her Maud.

In a story about the English Anarchy. Which was a fight for the throne between King Stephen and Empress Maud. A fight in which Stephen's wife, who was called - surprise - Maud also played an important role.

(Also Stephen had a daughter named Maud I think...and there were possibly 34436 other vaguely important people called Maud in this conflict).


So I really hope the author didn't go 'Yeah I invent this main character and call her the same name as two important historical figures of the time because LOLZ'