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Review: Turning Pointe

Turning Pointe (District Ballet Company) - Katherine Locke

1. This is a free novella that works as a set-up for the story of Aly and Zed that is continued in the following books. It makes me want to check out those following book because I love the author's writing-style and the fact that she knows about ballet and clearly loves it but also acknowledges that professional ballet can be a bit fucked up (like any professional sport I guess). And I like Aly and Zed.

2. If you just focus on the bare plot you get:

a) Two teenager who have been friends for ages and have both more than friendly feelings for one another but are reluctant to act on them because they're afraid to ruin their friendship.

b) They eventually act on them while also acting incredibly stupid. a more or less believable way at least

It is sort of reasonable that their special life-situation made them subscribe to the 'I haven't had my period in ages so I can't get pregnant'-belief but that they apparently were at it like rabbits and never bothered with protection also after the first time is...meh 

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c) Then things crash. More or less literally and you stand there going

At the end all comes very sudden and doesn't really have a satisfactory conclusion. And yes this is just a free novella that's supposed to make you want to read the following books but I still find there's a difference between 'ending on a cliffhanger' and 'ending mid-action without any conclusion for anything' and this book felt a lot like the latter.