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Wind (Drachengott, #1) - K.J. Taylor

So our protagonist meets a woman. 


Her hair was lustrous black, and her face very pale, and although she looked strange she was the most beautiful woman Rutger had ever seen.


I get it. It is a truth universally acknowledged that any woman our male fantasy protagonist meets must be of stunning beauty. (Though from what I can gather Rutger never left his small village in Schwartz Forest*. He probably hasn't met that many women)


*no I am not making this up. That is its actual name.


She could have been a rich noblewomen stepping out of her palace - she could never have looked at home here in the forest.

OK. She's gorgeous. I got that at 'most beautiful women'.


This was the kind of woman who belonged in perfumed gardens and banqueting halls full of fine tapestries and golden goblets.


So she is still beautiful. One line after being really beautiful.



Her face was fine-boned and intelligent


Yeah. Her face is intelligent. It can probably calculate the square-root of 5-digit numbers. She herself? I wouldn't trust her to hold a map the right way up.


her eyes large and bright, her every movement graceful and poised


Even the fur coat managed to look like a velvet gown as it clung to her elegant figure.



And presumably the sun is shining out of her arse.



The thing is: from what I learned so far she is an outcast even among the rebels who are fighting the Drachengott. She should be like...constantly on the run, trying to avoid getting captured by the Jüngen (which are the Drachengott's people because random Umlauts make everything pseudo-German) AND the rebels fighting the Drachengott who don't like her methods. Where does she find the time to do her hair so that she always appears always like an ethereal beauty and wash the squirrel-shit out of her velvet fur coat?


She is called Swanhild by the way because why not?