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Minette - Melanie Clegg

I spoiled myself on Wikipedia about Minette's life (mostly I wanted to find out if her mother was actually as horrible as she is portrayed here. Answer: yes) and wow! She did have quite an interesting life. And a short one. Which might be part of the problem.


I'm enjoying the book but it also feels a bit disjointed. There is no real coherent story, most of the time things just happen and Minette can't even do much to influence them. She is 11 at the start of the book and 14 at the point I currently am. There are still important things happening that early in her life and since she was only 26 when she died you couldn't have started much later and still gotten a whole novel out of it.

Still that results in a book that manages to be interesting and is dragging a bit at the same time as there is no real common thread running through it.