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Review: The Shepherd's Crown

The Shepherd's Crown (Tiffany Aching) - Terry Pratchett


But otherwise I'm fine.


This book has great scenes and themes in a...not so great plot. Or perhaps rather in a plot, that still would have needed some more polishing. Especially the climax felt like it was going a bit too smoothly. It was over before I could really start worrying about the characters involved in it. But then you had to expect this...

And, as said, the themes are great. I even found that after the morals had been conveyed rather anviliciously in some of the previous books this time it was done not as heavy-handedly and even had not all problems magically disappear because a character looked disapprovingly at the bad guys long enough (the bugged me in Wintersmith and Snuff a bit).

So it still is a good book but under different circumstances I'd probably be harsher with the rating.