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Jane Steele  - Lyndsay Faye

I love this a lot. I want to quote just about every other sentence because they are so hilarious/beautiful/both.


But: Jane keeps referring to all the murders she committed when from today's point of view only one would be considered one. The other were manslaughter, accidents or even self-defence. Now the law in Victorian times was obviously harsher and they might not have distinguished that much (and anyway, the one no-discussions-murder would have sealed her fate anyway) but I would still expect her to think about that and e.g. go 'I did not mean to kill him. He attacked me, I defended myself.' She might still come to the conclusion that it doesn't make a difference because different morality in the old times or whatever but I still sort of expect her to at least ask that question.

There's even a witness to the very clear-cut self-defense and she refers to it as 'murder' in his presence but he never points out 'yeah...well if you hadn't done this we would probably all be dead now'. That's just a bit odd.