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(Belated) Merry Christmas


Hopefully, you had some nicer presents ;)

I haven't been around much recently...or well...the 2nd half of this year really but I was in a terribly reading slump due to being very busy with uni/reading fanfiction instead of books for a while and eventually doing anything but reading, not even fanfic. However, it seems to have passed. I hope. 


(Totally unrelated but I can 'feel vampire' about this. Thank you booklikes, thank you. I always wanted to be able to do that :D)


Back to books. And Christmas. I got the new Cormoran Strike novel.


I also won Listen to the Moon in a Christmas-giveaway. It's the 3rd book in Rose Lerner's Lively St. Lemeston series. I squeed about the first book (Sweet Disorder, which coincidentally is just on sale) already a few times, and I am very much looking forward to reading it.

(I also got an amazon voucher, that was, strictly speaking, a birthday present but my friends only gave it to me on our Christmas brunch because we didn't meet up earlier. Now I have to decide what I want. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH).


I got my mom a DVD of An Then There Were None, the version with (among others) Richard Attenborough and Gert Fröbe. We already watched it and enjoyed it a lot. Now we're looking forward to watching the BBC-miniseries with Aidan Turner, Charles Dance and Miranda Richardson that the BBC is currently airing. Because one can never watch too much Agatha Christie.


I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, as well :)