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The Golden Cage (A Dance of Dragons #0.5) - Kaitlyn Davis

I realized a thing: I am sick of fantasy novels where magic exists and you have stuff like dragons/talking dogs/people breathing under water and who-knows-what-else but the whole world is still terribly sexist because 'hey pseudo-medieval world! It has to be sexist because historical accuracy!'

Here the Queen gets killed when her first child is a daughter. Seriously. That is politically such a stupid move that I am going to rant about it in-depth in my actual review but now just so much:


I'm finished with these type of books. I will continue with series with that set-up that I already started (that's A Song of Ice and Fire and The Iron Ship basically, as well as this series because I got the whole bundle as ARC) but if I can already tell from the blurb that Women Have It Horrible Here I'm going to give the book a pass because I am so tired of it.

(And yes, at least, both ASOIAF and TIS have great female characters who do more than moan and go 'I'm not like the other women' and that used to be enough for me but by now I'm getting tired of that as well).