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Fearscape (Horrorscape, #1)

Fearscape (Horrorscape, #1) - Nenia Campbell

This book is so difficult to review. For me it was completely obvious who Val's stalker was (as I guess will be for most readers) and even though it was also entirely believable that Val was naive and innocent enough not to know it was still extremely frustrating to watch here not realizing while you were standing there going

(Stupid fictional characters...why do they never listen to what I tell them?) apart from that I found the confrontation somewhat cliched. Admittedly it's a situation where it's hard not to end up with some cliches but there were some I was really tired of.

The writing-style was brilliant, though. In fact it managed to catch the creepiness so well that I could only read a few pages after dark because it freaked my out so much (though after I was able to deal with that I told myself 'oh, I'll just read two more chepters before I sleep' and then it was suddenly one o'clock at night and the book was over...because despite some cliches it was still very thrilling).

Another minor issue was that most of the book was told just from Val's point of view but towards the end we suddenly got some more, like her mother and teacher. I prefer it if a book can stick to either having multiple POVs from beginning to end or just uses one through the whole book.