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The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook: From Cauldron Cakes to Knickerbocker Glory--More Than 150 Magical Recipes for Wizards and Non-Wizards Alike - Dinah Bucholz

OK, so I haven't yet tried out any of the recipes, so I won't rate it yet, but just from reading it there are some things I noticed:


  • A recipe for Bacon and Eggs? Really? Actually it's two recepies for Bacon and Eggs and then another for bacon. Has anybody ever needed instructions on how to make bacon?
  • The way the recepies are sorted is less-than-ideal. There's a chapter for the food Harry had with the Dursley's, another for the Weasley's, the Hogwarts. So for every chapter you get proper dinner, cakes, sweets, desserts etc. Now if they would at least fit together, so that all the dinners mentioned in the Weasley-chapters would go particularily well with the desserts but you can just about combine everything with everything else. Sorting them differently would have made more sense.
  • A LOT of space is used for the quotes mentioning the food and then telling more about that scene in great detail. You know, I've read the Harry Potter books. More than once. I've watched the movies. I'm quite familiar with the I assume are most people reading this book. We don't need to be told that Harry is best friends with Ron. These parts could have been shorter.
  • This book seems to be targeted at children (there are several references to 'your friends' and 'your parents') but apart from the Bacon and Eggs most recepies look bloody complicated. There are a lot of pasties (I have made pasties several times and still don't get the dough right...) and instructions like 'Let cook for and hour but be careful, don't let it get to hot as it might explode'. Probably not the ideal choice for 13 year old HP-fans. Now I'm not saying it shouldn't have these recipes but some kind of rating system from 'Children can make this on their own with some supervision from adults' to 'children can watch adults from a safe distance while they try not to blow the kitchen up while cooking' would have been a good idea.
  • Two recipes are actually marked as 'not tested, try at your own risk'. Now I don't think I need to say anything except WTF?