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Broken Homes (Peter Grant, #4)

Broken Homes - Ben Aaronovitch

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After starting to read:

This is all really cute and fluffy and the interactions between the characters are great as always but...where is the point? There were things happening...a lot of things. There's several bodies, theft...and they have barely time to investigate anything in depth because something new turns up.

For a considerable part of the first 100-150 pages it seemed like Peter, Lesley and the others were just reacting to things, i.e. doing the most basic police-investigation but barely have the time to do anything more sophisticated because the next new case turns up and they're back to doing basic police-work again...

As reader you knew it would pay off and all the cases would be connected in some way but Peter & co didn't (I should point out that this was in a 'yes it makes sense that they wouldn't guess that these things are connected' and not in a 'how can they be so stupid not to see the connection?'-way) so the beginning (and parts of the middle) were somewhat underwhelming.

I did however quite enjoy the extension of the world-building. We did get some more background...well hints of more background for Nightingale (which really just gave more questions than answers but a fangirl is happy about anything) and we also learned a bit about how magic was organized in other places, like Germany and Russia. That was all quite fascinating and I especially enjoyed Nightingale's "Not everything German is connected to the Nazis"

And then finally there was plot! Amazing plot! Stuff got blown up and there were fights and it was fast-paced and I didn't want to put the book down again...and of course Nightingale was awesome. He always is.
And then the plot twist...oh my God
I honestly did not see that coming. I did not even had this vague feeling of 'something bad is going to happen' it just came completely out of the blue and I was just...


This can't be happening...this is just a bad dream.

But alas it isn''s real.

I cannot deal with this world anymore.