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A Dangerous Thing

A Dangerous Thing - Josh Lanyon I actually have a littel note-book where I write down the titles of the books I'm reading and some thoughts I have about the books. My notes for A Dangerous Thing mainly consist of inoherent squees and little hearts (seriously). I loved it. While in the first book the mystery was good but not perfect this time it was just great. I had some suspicions about details but not enough to figure everything out in advance.The relationship between Adrien and Jake also remains fascinating (and occasionally I feel the need to yell at both of them but mainly Jake for acting the way they do ^^).On a more serious note: I also -well- like that homophobia is a real issue in the Adrien English-books. In Holmes & Moriarity Cristopher never had any trouble, which of course is nice for him but unfortunately not too realistic.