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I read fantasy, crime, true crime, lgbt-romance and books written by my favourite comedians. List not necessarily complete.
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Warhorses of Letters Complete Series - Robert Hudson All I can think of is how the production-meeting at the BBC went, where they came up with that idea."I have a great new idea for a radio-series!""What?""An episotolary romance!""Yeah, cause we haven't had dozends of those, yet.""A gay epistolary romance.""Still not original enough.""Set during the Napoleonic war.""Please...""And they're fighting on opposing sides.""Cause that is so new...""They're Napoleon's and Wellington's war-horses.""That...What drugs are you on?""You don't like my idea?"" I think this is a brilliant idea. Let's get Stephen Fry get to put on a French accent and play Napoleon's horse.""Why would he write a letter in a French accent?""Why would a horse, a horse, write, write in the first place?""I see your point."