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City of Darkness - Kim Wright This started off so promising...I loved the opening that showed us Martha Tabram's last minutes. I usually hate cold openings in books but Wright managed to describe it in a way that made me actually feel for her. Then we got introduced to Leanna's family and they seem quite interesting but then it soon goes downhill and soon I simply didn't care for any of the characters anymore. They're all incredibly flat and cliched. Cecil is the gambling jerk, William...exists, Leanna's aunt is QUIRKY and FEMINIST and did we mention quirky?Well and Leanna? As she's the main-character she should at least have been intersting and gotten some character development but no. Halfway through the novel she tells the reader in great detail that while she lived with her family in the country she didn't really realize how limited a women's possibilitied were at that time but now that she lives in London and has spent time with her aunt and other suffragettes and had some other eye-opening experiences she's changed...FUCK IT SHOW DON'T TELL!Yeah...she just tells this the reader. Do we see this change? No. We see her arriving in London and almost immediately getting involved in a love-triangle-quadrangle-thingy with the copper investigating the Ripper case (who is in love with her), her maid (who is in love with the copper) and the so-suspicious-it-hurts saint-like East End-doctor (with whom she is in love) and there are also pretty dresses and trips to the theatre...and I'm just sick of it.Oh yeah, Jack the Ripper is in there, too somewhere. Don't ask.A shame, really. I've got another book by the author that's set in St. Petersburg and it would have been awesome to read a novel set there but now I think I'll pass.