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Wishing Stars: Space Opera Fairytales - Nenia Campbell


In more words: this was great
I love fairy-tale retellings...or rather I love the idea of fairy-tale retellings. In reality most end up being either too much like the original fairy tale and just changing some minor things doesn't make a very interesting re-telling or they add oh-so-clever twists that at usually is only half as clever and surprising as the author thinks it is (though if done right this can be awesome)

Wishing Stars doesn't add any twists but it's also so much more than just replacing 'princess' with 'alien' throughout the story. The Sci-Fi elements are for example used to give a backstory to Bluebeard (a really awesome one), show a reason for the whole 'kissing sleeping beauty awake'-thing (just that here a younger daughter kisses awake a prince who's not that handsome anymore...cyborgs are also involved...and dragons...I might be overusing the word awesome here) or to make the whole 'I need Snow White's heart'-thing even more creepy.

Originally I wanted to enjoy this book for as long as possible and only read one story per day but I only complains are that Iceheart was a bit too short, I felt like I just started it and then it was already over , and Snow is a bit passive in Blood of my Blood, except for one short occasion things are only happening to her and once she has a bit of controll it's already over.

So yeah. My main complaint is IT WAS TOO SHORT! I WANT MORE!