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Without A Trace - Michael Wilson This book was just odd.First of all: The author actoally thanked Jack the Ripper for creating such a lasting legend and inspire people to come up with theories about his true identity.Just NOI have a dark sense of humor and certainly say occasionally things that others might find tasteless but thanking an actual killer who killed real people for existing is simply crossing a line.The story itself might have been interesting if it had been fleshed out more. According to my e-reader it had 38 pages (and those already included title, acknowledgements and so on) and that's simply not enough for all the people that author introduces. We get to whitness the last moments of each of the five victims, there is the inspector investigating the case, the pathologist, a few other with a connection to the case and some chapters from the POV of the Ripper. I didn't really connect with any of the people because they were barely introduced, we mostely see them doing their everyday-work and thinking about the case...none had any life beyond that.Lastly: the interpretation of the historical facts was...interesting. In this story some of the victims are first mutilated and then have their throat cut which confused me a bit. I just checked it (not exactly thoroughly because I refuse to spent more time with background-research than I did reading the story) and it looks like there is really no medical evidence that the victims were first killed and then mutilated. It seems that it is just generally assumed because Liz Stride had just her throat cut and the consensus on that is that he wanted to mutilate her, too but was disturbed.Of course it could be wrong but it is, well, logical. In this story two victims are first mutilated and then killed, two first killed than mutilated and Liz just has her throat cut.For reasons. There is no explanation why a serial-killer would change his MO back and forth like this...and worse: it wouldn't even have been neccessary. I don't see anything in the plot that would require this new interpretation of the why do it?