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The Five Red Herrings - Dorothy L. Sayers I needed quite some time to read this book and took some breaks inbetween where I read something different or nothing at all. That wasn't just the book's fault. Life's been a bit chaotic and I simply might be oversaturated with golden-age/cozy crime as I read I a lot recently (but also: I'd just read [b:Strong Poison|246225|Strong Poison (Lord Peter Wimsey Mysteries, #6)|Dorothy L. Sayers||1121561] and found Harriet awesome and now she's not in this book and I'm disappointed).In any case this is a book that should be read quite quickly because otherwise it's rather confusing. There are five suspects, all male, all painters, all with really good reasons to kill the victim and all with wobbly alibis. I honestly couldn't tell them apart for most of the ┬Áight have worked better if I hadn't been so distracted while reading but so it was just really confusing.It is possible that I re-think my rating if I ever re-read this and get the mystery better but there's also a lack of memorable characters/well-loved side-characters. There's not only no Harriet, there's also no member of Wimsey's family, no Miss Climpson and barely any Parker or Bunter.All in all not overwhelming.