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Die Elixiere des Teufels: Nachgelassene Papiere des Bruders Medardus, eines Kapuziners - E.T.A. Hoffmann It's not you it's me.The plot itself is quite fascinating. My mocking status-updates might not have conveyed that very well but it is a Gothic novel, you don't really ask for reason and logic in those, there's simply lots of doomed love, Doppelganger and Very Dark Secrets. However the writing-style wasn't my cup of tea. It was very...wordy. It felt like you could have cut out at least a third of it and it wouldn't have made any difference. It didn't add to the atmosphere (which was admittedly quite creepy), the characters or anything. The only result that after reading 10-15 pages my thoughts started wandering off, I missed half of the story and when there was some big reveal I was all 'What did just happen?' and had to leaf back to re-read.DNF at about 2/3 (but I did look up the end on wikipedia so...yeah I did want to know what happens next but not deperately enough to finish it)