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The Bard's Daughter (Gareth & Gwen Medieval Mysteries) - Sarah Woodbury The great shelf of 'meh'. Neither very good nor very bad. The stoy simply wasn't original. Gwen is forced to investigate a murder because her father is a suspect and nobody else seems to be interested in finding any evidence to prove his innocence. One wonders why :O! From then on it's a pretty standard crime-story about uncovering secrets and discovering surprising connections. They don't invent the wheel again but I do prefer that (because authors who try to fail in 99.7% of all cases), the end felt a bit rushed and everything happened quite quickly, so this is a rare case where a few more pages would have been a good idea.The characters aren't very well fleshed out (again more pages would have helped). Gwen's father loves her brother more than her and is a drunk (in the course of the story he sees the error of his ways and promises to get better...) and Gwen is a bit of a spoiled brat but somebody does actually call her out on it and she seems to realize it (and says she will try to get better...) and she also is unhappily in love, the other characters don't get very much depth.Overall it hasn't put me completely off giving the longer books in this series a try but it hasn't made me put them high on my priority-list either.