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The Last Hero: A Discworld Fable (Discworld, #27) - Terry Pratchett, Paul Kidby It is impossible to rate just the story, because of the really really beautiful Kidby-pictures on almost every page (well, every page, the few pages without colour-pictures have nice background-images). I mean there are swamp-dragons, moon-dragons, kitties (actually: Death with a kitty, and a kitty playing with the Tail of the Death of Rats), the wizzards, and of course the heroes, the 'silver horde'. They are all awesome, and incredibly detailed, I want all of them as poster for my room XD.Now for the story: I'm neither a big fan of Cohen nor of Rincewind but I still really enjoyed it. Cohen is in company of his silver horde, and they're just an awesome bunch (Veena the Raven-Haired strangles someone with pink knitting-wool and stitched 'BURN THIS HOUSE DOWN' on can you not love her?) and Rincewind get paired up with know I actually felt sorry for Rincewind, then.Oh, and these pictures with Death and kitty? They illustrate a (somehow random) scene in which Death discusses Schroedinger's Cat with Albert. Don't tell me that's not awesome :)