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The Hell of it All - Charlie Brooker I can't say much about this book except that it was very much what I expected. One half of it are his Guardian-columns in which he comments on everything: from politics to current events and his fear of spiders and they are hillarious (OK, a couple feel a bit forced/dull/make me wonder why on earth I should care about this topic but the majority had me grinning madly or even chocking with laughter). The other half are his screenburn columns and that's where non-UK-based readers might run into some trouble. On Screenwipe and his other shows he can show some clips from the programs he's reviewing, so you don't need to have watched My Super Sweet 16 in full to agrew with his sentiment that everybody involved in the show deserves a slow and painfull death. You obviously can't do that in print. He's still pretty good at describing the shows (and some of his rants/insults are simply so beautifully phrased that it doesn't matter that you have no idea what he's talking about) but he occasionally writes about contestants on reality-shows (he is really obsessed with The REALLY) and if he spends a whole column describing how unlikeable contestants X and Z are you just shrug and think 'Yeah, well if you say so'.However, as sais this was very much what I had expected. In fact I had feared that I wouldn't get much more of his TV-columns but as said he is quite good at describing shows in a way that you don't even need to watch 30-seconds clips as on Screenwipe to hate them, justb reading one paragraph is enough.