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Robin Ince's Bad Book Club: One Man's Quest To Uncover The Books That Time Forgot - Robin Ince This book is gold for people like me who occasionally can't resist reading certain books even though they know in advance that they will hate them. This book spares you the work of having to read them yourself as Robin Ince goes through them, summs them up and quotes the most horrible paragraphs.Oh, and I should point out that by 'Bad books' he doesn't mean some shallow romances or cheesy fantasy-novels, no this book is about Christian gynecological romances, self-help books that suggest you should learn to repair boats in order to find men and an Elvis-biography written in rhyme.Let me repeat that.A Biography. Of Elvis. In Rhyme.The world is a far stranger place than we give it credit for.I guess the book is best enjoyed in small doses so that you can let the sheer insanity of all these works sink in but once I had started I just couldn't stop. It was like a car-crash (or possibly rather a crash involving a plane, a train and several cars), I just had to look, had to read on to see what came after the horror-novels involving giant crabs (as it turns out: lots of other horror-novels involving giant animals, one of which was written by a die-hard Christian).Occasionally found that Ince crammed a bit too much horribleness in too little space and together with the jumping back and forth between the different books it could get a bit confusing (Wait! By what mutated animal are they eaten right now? Is that the lady who can't decide if she should get off with the Norwegian or the Dutchman or the lady who has the hots for the Arctic explorer?)Did I mention the rhyming Elvis-biography?