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The Darwin Awards Countdown to Extinction - Wendy Northcutt Biology was the only subject at school I could never stand, no matter which teacher we had (OK, apart from sport but that isn't relevant here). I just don't care about it at all. And so I also don't really care about the Science Interludes in the Darwin Awards. I do get, that it makes sense to have some info on eveolution in a book named after Darwin but I just feel that it's getting more and more but with less and less connection to the actual topics of the book (I think in the 4th volume, where they really started with the science interludes, they had at least some very vague connection to the chapters they were in, here it's just random). Why not extend it a bit and write e.g. about physics and chemistry? Some stories have already smaller scienc-y appendixes about snake-venom or aluminium-oxide...why not extend on those a bit, instead of...I have actually already forgotten all the things the interludes were about (and I skipped half of them anyway...). Or perhaps I'm the only person that uninterested in biology?The Award-stories itself were enjoyable as always.