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Unnatural Death - Dorothy L. Sayers Even though I prefer crime-novels where the question is 'who did it?' to those where it is 'how did they do it?' I did enjoy this one very much, a good and solid mystery with some twists and interesting characters. Except for Miss Climpson whom I found somewhat annoying. She somehow seemed more like the parody of the typical 1920s old lady than a typical 1920s old lady if that makes sense (and her letters *ugh* frequent italics and multiple exclamation marks...that somehow annoyed me a lot, too).And also: During the book Wimsey suddenly questions if it's really a bad thing to kill somebody who is already very ill and certain not to survive his illness. That is a good question, especially considering that this book was written in the 20s where asking such questions certainly caused even more controversy than today. However: The first time Wimsey asks this question we already have a second body and the strong suspicion that that person (who was perfectly healthy) was killed to cover up the first murder, the second time he wonders about it again we have already learned that the old lady was killed for financial gain and Mary Whittacker had tried to kill two more healthy people (one of which was Wimsey himself). So it feels a bit weird because even if it's right that the old lady was spared some suffering that was certainly not her niece's main intend, so giving so much room to this question just seems a bit silly.