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Death of a Pirate King (Adrien English Mystery, #4) - Josh Lanyon Josh Lanyon's book always read really quickly, that is of course mainly because they are really engaging and everything but also because Lanyon has a tendency for 'small' end-of-chapter cliffhangers. Not the really annoying type, so many (mystery)-authors writer, where every other chapter the protagonist is alone, hears strange noises and is convinced that the murderer is after him, just to find out that it's only his mother bringing some cookies or anything like that. Lanyon's are more harmless, chapters often end with some new relevation about the case or at a crucial point in the relationship between Adrien and Jake. So while I do tend to read his books always in one or two days it's not so much 'I must know who the killer was' (not that the mysteries are bad, rather the opposite, but they're not so absolutely thrilling that I need to know the solution NOW), more a 'I need to know how this fact we just learnd affects the story and so I have to read another chapter' (which ends on a cliffhanger again...)So, yes these cliffhangers are et least properly exiting (opposed to a first-person-narrator hearing strange noises in his flat when there are still 150 pages of the book left) but nevertheless constant end-of-chapter cliffhangers are one of my pet-peeves and tend to annoy me. It's not quite as bad as in some other books as they simply are really engaging books with a great cast, so it doesn't feel like a desperate attempt of the author to keep his readers reading...I just wouldn't mind if he cut it back at least a bit.I think this could have been part of a review for any of this books, so let me finally get to Pirate King...and start with a really simple question: How often does Emma have riding-lessons? Adriens seems to drive her to them constantly...either she must go about four times a week, or - if she only goes once a week - this case must have taken about six months because the sentence "And then I drove Emma do her riding-lessons." sometimes seems to appear twice per's not really a really bad thing (and the actualy lessons get only described once or twice, so it doesn't get boring)'s just weird.Perhaps I'm getting lost in details a bit because I don't really know what to say about the book in general (what I haven't already said in my reviews about the other Adrien English-books). Adrien is fun, his relationship (or here not-relationship) with Jake remains very emotinal and complicated and the case was really good, though I admit I didn't enjoy it quite as much as his others (also because of the somewhat melodramatic finale).Oh, and another minor thing about LisaI already mnetioned earlier that 'overprotective mother' is a somewhat worn-out trope (especially in stories about amateur-sleuths...apparently you'r mother never allowing you to do anything dangerous leads to confronting murderers on a regular basis) and often annoys me. In the first books I didn't have any issues with Lisa, she didn't appear too often and it was mostly fun how she drove Adrien mad but here it was too much. I get that she could manage to talk the old family-lawyer into giving her the confidential information about Adrien changing his will (though that also leaves the question: does she go there monthly and asks what her son is up to? Or is he so much in her hands that he called her the minute Adrien left?) but Adrien tells us that he changed his doctor for exactly that reason: he didn't want anybody who knew his family for ages, where there was danger of his mother 'guilt-ing' him into giving informationa about Adrien. But his mother also manages to talk a stranger into giving confidential patient-information about her adult son to her? Couldn't that even bring his license in danger? Sorry but that was just too much