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I read fantasy, crime, true crime, lgbt-romance and books written by my favourite comedians. List not necessarily complete.
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British Flash: A revealing collection of short LGBT fiction - Elin Gregory, Jay Rookwood, Sandra Lindsey, Caroline Stephens, Stevie Carroll, Lisa Worrall, Josephine Myles, Sophia Deri-Bowen, Mara Ismine, J.L. Merrow, Lucy Felthouse, Serena Yates, Charlie Cochrane, Zahra Owens, Alex Beecroft, Clare London, Stevie Woods, Victoria Blis Enjoy this entertaining collection of flash fiction stories, and their short and sweet expression of what it means to be queer in Britain, past and present.So what it means to be queer in Britain is that you meet random good-looking strangers, are attracted to them and discover quickly that the attraction is mutual (description of follow-up sex is optional) or you find yourself attracted to your best friend and discover the attraction is mutual (description of follow-up sex is optional) or meet your old high-school crush again and discover that he also had a crush on you (decription of...well you know) or you are already in a great relationship and have just great sex.Don't get me wrong: I don't mind something short and sweet...but that was basically the same stoy told over and over and over and over again...and I'm not even sure if I can call it story at all because there wasn't any sign of conflict in most of the story. One story actually dealt with a couple who had relationship troubles that started before the story and then sort of tried to make up...another was about a WW II-veteran visiting the grave of his lover...but even that somehow didn't really touch me. The rest were all rainbows and butterflies...but the characters never developed enough depths that I could feel for them and be glad that their life goes so well.