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The Dark Tide (Adrien English Mysteries, #5) - Josh Lanyon There are a few reasons I am tempted to give this book "only" four stars. Mainly because it seems a bit too much stuff going on for the length of the book. There was the case, again a good one. Some reviewers said that there wasn't the sense of urgency as it was a 50 year-old skelleton and not a fresh murder, but I didn't gat that impression, as after all several attempted break-ins in the book-store show that whatever this is all about, it is still very important to somebody today.A major part is of course also about the relationship between Jake and Adrien (surprisingly it manages to get more complicated with every book...also the dynamics change with every book, which is great. Lanyon doesn't tell the same story five times, they don't have the same problems in every book, it's always different...and while most of the mess-up in the previous book was defenitely Jake's fault, here you also got the urge to yell at Adrien...A LOT) and that relationship was already complicated enough, especially with Guy still hanging around (as his relationship with Adrien hasn't really ended officially), so I didn't really get why Mel suddenly had to appear. I mean (spoiler to be save) It's not that I ever really doubted that Adrien would end up with Mel just seemed annoying.To top that all off, a few of Natalie's relationship-troubles get thrown in, too...but I must say that I never cared very much about her as she just doesn't have enough depth, so I really wouldn't have needed that. I wish Angus re-appearence had gotten a bit more space instead.Despite all this I'll give it five stars. Because this book took me on an emotional rolercoaster even more than the previous ones. Every scene with Adrien and Jake was beautiful. I won't go any deeper as I don't want to spoil anything but it was all very heart-wrenching (and then heart-warming).