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The Case of the Murdered Muckraker - Carola Dunn This books had ups and downs.The ups:- I really didn't belive that a typical british country-house cozy mystery-story would work in the US, but it did- It included lots of interesting information about the American press (and also law-enforcement) in the 1920- It really felt like 1920 New YorkThe downs:- The mystery was a bit meh...not bad, but Dunn has done better- Some of the characters appeared a bit to forcedly funny and quirky for my taste- Daisy kept compairing the police in the US with the police in Britain and I couldn't shake of the feeling that her comparison was a bit unfair, as it seemed to be that she compared a quite realistic US-police with all their problems with corruption, politics etc. with a fictionalized cozy-version of the British Police where everybody is nice and true and everything. In that case the US will obvioulsy loose. I admit I know too little about the topic to say much about it but it's hard to imagine that the British Police had no problems AT ALL.What pushed that book from thee to four stars was the showdown, which was epic beyond words.On a side-note: In the introduction Dunn mentions that some of the characters that appear in the story are real but she fails to mention which ones. As already mentioned my knowledge of prohibition-era USA leaves much to be desired so I have know idea who were the fictional characters and who were real (and I was too lazy to google it...yup)