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All She Wrote - Josh Lanyon I stayed up till after midnight because I just couldn't put this book down, so this already says something.But before I start squeeing to much let me get this of my chest: A character namend J.X. is weird. Even his boyfriend just calls him J.X. and I can't remember actually learning his real first name. I know it's nothing bad but I simply would never call a person just by some initials, so that was...strange.Having said that let's get on with the actual relevant stuff: Christopher is one of the most adorable and funny main-characters I've come across. He's shy and somewhat self-consciouss but not in the over-the-top way that makes you want to shake him and yell 'For God's sake stop whining.' He is just 'normally' shy and the rest of his problems very much come from his messed-up previous relationship. That makes his character really believable. He is also beautifully snarky and sarcastic and it's just a joy to read. I admit that even though I also enjoyed the mystery-part of the story I doubt I'd have stayed up half the night if it had been told by a different narrator. I fell in love with him after just a few pages.J.X. is a great character, too, he's got depth and isn't just the tough, good-looking guy guy but also shows his caring side (I might have D'awwwww-ed a few times at the things he said to Christopher).For the mystery-part: It was good. I liked it. I didn't love it. For that the ending felt a bit too rushed. Also there were some dead ends in the murder-investigation, as you can expect, but I somehow felt they never actually followed them till they reached the dead end...if that makes any sense. There were two characters who appeared at the beginning of the story, then dissappeared till towards the end one actually had a short speaking-role while the other got just mentioned in passing. Similarly they heard a rumor about one character's past which could have been a motive but they never really bothered to check out if could be true. All that gave the impression as if they just got a bit lucky towards the end.Still: I'll be defenitely reading the first book in the series (and hope that one day there will be a third).