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A Medal For Murder  - Frances Brody Kate has a new case and this time it's not searching for a missing least not at first. There has been a pawn-shop-robbery and she gets asked to help. But she gets distracted when she goes to see a play and finds a body on her way home, the leading actress of the play disappears and a ransom-note turns up. All these events can't be connected – or can they?Like the first novel in the Series 'Medal For Murder' has many of the things I enjoy about cozies – nothing is too grim, lots of likeable characters and the feeling at the end that even though a terrible murder has happened it is possible for the people touched by it to carry on with their lives – and and the same time avoids all the things that tend to annoy me in many cozies: none of the characters seems flat, in fact nearly nothing seems black and white but there are quite a lot shades of grey (and the fact that Kate and her colleague see things differently causes some trouble between them), the romantic life (or lack thereof) of the main-character isn't a major issue in the book (yes, there is someone coming up for Kate, but it gets treated like you expect it from a novel set in the 1920s) and - most important of all – the crime-plot is believable and (was for me) completely unforeseeable. It was quickly clear that there was some dark secret from the past but I'd never guessed what it then turned out to be.I did need some time to get used to the the shifts between the different perspectives (Kate's first-person narration, Lucy's third-person narration and another third-person narration about events in the past). I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but I'm just used to first-person narrations staying there with the narrating character.Besides I found Kate got very quickly very convinced of her own theory about the dark secret. Yes she was of course right, but as it was something that seemed quite unlikely, I'd expected her to have al least some doubts or spent some time thinking about weather the evidence could not also point to a different conclusion (but perhaps that's why I wouldn't make a good Private Investigator, I'd just have doubts about everything and always consider if there wasn't another possibility).