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A Feast For Crows - George R.R. Martin One: While I do understand the reasons for dividing the book in two parts I couldn't help missing some of the characters from the north. Jon and Daenerys are my favourite characters from the series and although Bran is not, I find his story very fascinating. Yes, there are also interessting characters in the south (I'm growing more and more fond of Jaimie and was even quite fascinated by Cersei), but you never forget the first characters you fell in love with.Two: After I finished I somehow had the feeling that nearly everything happened on the last 100-200 pages, before everything was just riding around or more or less unsuccesful plotting and scheming but then BANG! Everything Changes For Everybody.Three: Great! even more POVs, Characters and plotlines. I honestly couldn't bring myself to care for Arianne or the krakens very much...I'm also seriously asking myself how Martin intends to wrap all that up in only three books, no matter how long they'll be...Side-note: I'm not made for these books. If I wait to long between reading the books I forget half of what happened...but I can't read them in a short time cause they're so depressing.