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206 Bones - Kathy Reichs *sighs* this book barely made the third star.I was already really annoyed by the beginning: Tempe wakes up, is imprisoned in a dark place but has no idea how she got there. Slowly she begins to remember...a) massive clicheeb) Tempe is Alone With The Psycho at the end of every single novel but survived it the past eleven times...I never doubted that she'd make it also the 12th time.And as if that wasn't enough the next chapters don't really get better at first. I really really hate end-of-chapter cliffhangers, I hate them even more in a book that's narrated in the first person because they make even less sense then...and what I hate even more is when you end a chapter-mid-conversation only to get a massive 'OMG! somebody accused Tempe of screwing up an investigation'-cliffhanger TWO TIMES in consecutive chapters...seriously that's just riddiculous.But after I got past these first chapters the case - or rather cases - started to draw me in pretty quickly, but admittedly lost it again towards the end as it just got confusing: 5 bodies + 4 old skeletal remains = 3 different cases, I startet getting mixed up, wasn't certain what leads belonged to which case.Apart from that (and I noticed that already in previous Brennan-novels): I'm somehow getting annoyed by her short lectures, in the old novels Reichs managed to slip in these short pieces of information about forensics and/or Canada's (or Quebec's) legal system in places where they made sense, as it was somehow important to understand it if you wanted to follow the plot. Since a few books it has turned in random 'look how bright I am!'-forensic show-off and even more random Quebec-history...for God's sake I skipped two pages about monks making cheese!