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Der Club der unsichtbaren Gelehrten (Scheibenwelt, #37) - Terry Pratchett, Boris Aljinovic I think this was the first time I had to fight my way through a whole Pratchett-novel. Yes, some of his books had a few pages or chapters there were a bit dull but in this book there were only very few scenes I enjoyedThat's probably also because it's a book about football...and while I love watching football I never felt the need to read about it. But it was more than that: I simply couldn't bring myself to care very much about the characters, especially Nutt. Yes I was curious what his secret was but not more.I also couldn't really warm to the other characters, usually Pratchett is so great at writing characters that seem stereotypical at first but once you get to know them better you learn that they aren't...but this time all of them seemed just stereotypical. The only eception was perhaps Glenda...I got to like her a bit towards the end...perhaps the last third of the book, but it seemed to take ages till I got there.Now I must add, that so far I only know the German audio-book version which is a) abridged und b) well German and Prtachett looses a lot of his humor in translation but I simply don't think I can blame it only on that.I will still get an English copy and give it another chance, but I don't think that this will change the rating more than one star.