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The International - Glenn Patterson Danny isn't so much a unreliable narrator, he just chooses to narrate events in a different order than the reader might expect. The actual events of the novel take place in one day, one night even, but Danny often pauses to tell the reader about events that happend a few days, weeks or sometimes months ago, to himself or to staff or customers from the bar he's working in. In most cases these are stories of how the people anded up in the 'Blue Bar' of the International Hotel. Many of the events in the book only make sense when he tells the story behind it in the next chapter. This defenitely needs some time to get used to, but in a way adds to Danny's unique voice.The book is set during the beginning of the Troubles and Danny is in a way involved without wanting to be involved. He isn't on any side - on parent is Catholic the other Protestant, but religion never played any part in his upbringing, so he doesn't even now which is which, besides he's gay which also wouldn't make him very popular on either side.Still he only got this job because another barman was shoot by the UVF, and while the story is set 'on one of the last normal weekends in Belfast' nobody seems to able to keep politics completely outside the hotel.I have to few books about The Troubles to agree or disegree with the statement that it's the best book about them ever written but it is defenitely a damn good one.