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Review: Abigail Burnette - The Boss

The Boss (The Boss, #1) - Abigail Barnette

As a parody...or perhaps more an anti 50 Shades of Grey this book works very well. It proves that you can take the basic premise of this book and turn it into something non-creepy and non-stalkery. It does get somewhat soap-box-y on occasions e.g. when Sophie spends half a page on giving us her thoughts on the word/concept 'slutty' or Neil points out that he would never look up Sophie's adress in the company-files because he's not a stalker...and yes it could possibly have been integrated in a more elegant way...but on the other hand if you're fighting against 50SOG you can't poke it with a needle you have to hit it with a large bag of bricks (and metal parts. Repeatedly).

However ignoring the 'You suck' this book shouts at 50SOG and just looking at the romance-part of the story I found it only OK-ish.

The pacing was just a bit off to me. It took ages to get the plot really going. Neil takes over the magazine, he and Sophie have sex, there's some stuff at the magazine going on, they have lots of kinky sex, a bit more stuff happens, more kinky sex...repeat. This book made me realize that even well-written kinky sex can get on my nerves when repeated too often and on the last 100 pages or so I found myself skimming lots of the scenes...especially because I wanted to know more about the actualy plot about the state of the magazine, Jake, Gabrielle and also the relationship between Neil and Sophie where the non kinky sex-part was concerned.

All that just really got going in the last third of the book and then unfortunately every possible drama got crammed in the last 50 pages or so which got really annoying. I almost got the impression of a book that originally was intended as stand-alone but the author changed her mind while writing and decided to add a huge cliffhanger but it truly just made me not care at all about what happens next.