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My Life in Books A-Z Questions

Snagged this from Christina Wilder




Author You’ve Read The Most Books From


Probably Terry Pratchett. He wrote a lot more than any of the other authors I read


Best Sequel Ever.


Elizabeth George's Well-Schooled in Murder is awesome and one of the best in the series.



Currently Reading...


 Outlander, Heat Rises



Drink of Choice while Reading


Tea or hot chocolate



E Reader or Physical book.


If I had to decide I'd go for physical book. I love my e-reader but books with pages are special ;)



Glad you gave this book a chance..



Theo's Odyssee. Got talked into reading it and it became one of my favourite books.




Hidden Gem Book.


Victoria Schlederer - Des Teufels Maskerade. Why isn't everybody reading this and squeeing about it?




Important Moment in your reading life…


In 7th grade we read 20.000 Leagues Under the Sea in class. It was more or less the first book not actually aimed at my age group (and not featuring four teens with or without a dog hunting smugglers or similar shady figures) that I found awesome and afterwards I bought every Jules Verne book I could find.



Just Finished.


Abigal Barnette - The Boss. OK but not interesting enough to make me want to pick up the sequel.




Kinds of books you won’t read…


Not really a fan of plain romances (but don't mind e.g. mysteries with a heavy romance sub-plot)




Longest book you’ve read.


A Feast for Crows...or isA Dance with Dragons longer? (Also currently fighting my way through War and Peace but long not finished)



Major Book Hangover because of …


I don't really know...I just don't really feel like reading any of the things I'm currently reading. I read because I'm bored and want to avoid real life not because the boks are that thrilling.



Number of Bookcases you own..


Ugh, one case just with books, another mainly with books and some stationary a huge shelf with my Pratchett-collection, thre or four shelves spread throughout my room...not counting the fact that there are books/shelves I share with my mother.




One Book you have read multiple times.


Can I be boring and say that I re-read the Harry Potter-books several times? (especially the first four)




Preferred place to read.


Bed or sofa.




Quote that inspired you from a book you read…


“Manche von uns haben Lieblingsbücher, die sie nie gelesen haben. Manche sogar welche, die nie geschrieben wurden. Dieses hier ist eines von meinen, und deshalb schreibe ich es auf.”

Kai Meyer - Das Buch von Eden


Reading Regret.


Springtime for Lederhosen is so far the only book where I seriously considered asking for my money back...I probably would have if I hadn't lost the reciept.


Series you started and need to finish…


Nenia Campbell's Fearscape

Elizabeth George's Inspector Lynley-series (well I have read all books that are out but I expect her to write more and I will read those, too)

Pratchett's Discworld




Three of your all time favourite books.



James Barclay's Dawnthief, Victoria Schlederer Des Teufel's Maskerade, Harry Poter and the Prisoner of Azkaban




Unapologetic Fangirl for….


James Barclay. Kai Meyer. Harry Potter, Terry Pratchett




Very Excited for this release more than others…


Does it need a release-date? If not Ben Aaronovich's next Peter Grant-book




Worst Bookish Habit…


I always want to try new things but always end up staying with genres/series I already kno




X marks the spot…start at the top left and pick the 56th Book.


Robert Gailbrath's The Cuckoo's Calling which incidentially is also



Your latest book purchase.


and I don't regret it. The writing reminds me a lot of Elizabeth George and I love her.


(If 'downloading Kindle-freebies' counts than it's Nenia Campbell's Terrorscape)



ZZZ snatcher book.


The last was 'City of Darkness'. Yes you can even make Jack the Ripper dull


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