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Gone West (Daisy Dalrymple, #20) - Carola Dunn

1. I wanted to read this series in order but somehow when I grabbed this book I must have been sleepy because it's not the next unread in the series but the newest one I have. It's not like there's any danger of getting confused as all the books could also be read as standalon but it disturbs my need for order :P

2. The murder happened about 100 pages in which in my opinion is almost a bit to late for a book with just over 300 pages. I know that the basic formula of these novels just demands that the murder can't happen that early on (Daisy gets invited by a friend to spent some time at their home. Daisy notices some tension and 'it's not all what it seems'. Somebody gets killed...if I were one of her friends I would just stop inviting her...) but here it really dragged a bit.

3. Alec's boss getting incredibly annoyed at Daisy's involvement and going all 'Your wife tripped over yet another body. Go and sort it out.' will never be not funny.