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Let's be serious for a moment and talk about monster erotica

No really.

In the past few days Christie Sims and her dinosaur-erotica books have been making the round. There even have been articles about them on Huffington Post, Jezebel and others (oh God the Daily Mail, too).

Where's the problem?

Well it's the same author who wrote various Oger/Hydra & Co erotica that have been taken down from amazon because the cover art had been stolen.
Here is the original post that mentioned it. (I already posted that one a few days ago) The links all went straight to amazon and so they don't work anymore. However thanks to google I could still found some of the images so you can see for yourselves.



Cataclysm by Vul Kostic


Sunset Picture by he Shui Zhou



Minotaur by Anima



Bugbear Mercenary by muppet-man


The Last Centaur by Gordon Napier



True Romance by aphostol



The Minotaur is from an old Dragon issue.




The original source for this has not yet been identified but it's interesting that it's already up again at least on Barnes & Nobles with a different cover. (That one actually looks like a stock photo the author -gosh- might have payed for).


So before you get taken in by the hype and buy one of her stories for the lulz (with only about 20 pages for 3 Dollars they're horribly overprized anyway) look if...well you can find some monster-porn by a more honest author who values copyright.
(Now that's a sentence I never though I'd write)